Install Custom Packages

You can create the following directory structure in TeX Writer documents folder, and put your package files (*.tex,*.cls,*.sty,*.def, *.tfm, *.map, ...) into corresponding places:

 - texmf-local
   - mybib
   - mypackage 
   - ...

After that you must refresh ls-R file using the menu item in settings. This is new since 3.0, so that we can allow sub folders in texmf-local. You need to refresh again after you rename your files or move files around. You don't have to refresh if you merely modify file contents.

How to upload texmf-local tree onto iOS? You can drag and drop an entire folder directly into TeX Writer via iTunes file sharing.

Unlike previous versions, texmf-local now supports sub folders within sub folders. You just have to remember that every time you make changes to the folder structure, you need to refresh ls-R file.

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