How to Use Dropbox

Dropbox access from TEX Writer is limited in a sandbox, which is the "Apps/TEX Writer" in your Dropbox file system. We chose this mode because we don't want to put a customer's entire dropbox folder at risk. When you link to Dropbox from inside TEX Writer, the app folder will be automatically created.

Getting Started

To access Dropbox, you need to link to your Dropbox account.

  1. First put your existing files inside dropbox folder: Dropbox/Apps/TeX Writer;
  2. Go to TeX Writer in-app settings and use "Link to Dropbox";
  3. Now TeX Writer will start syncing.

Link to outside folder

Having a private app folder is safe, but it does have its limitations. Some times you need to work on another folder which you've shared with other people. Dropbox has yet to do anything to solve this problem, but there is a "hack" that may work for you. You can create a link under TEX Writer folder to refer to an outside folder. On Unix-like system, open a terminal, go to TEX Writer folder:

$ ln -s ../../Projects/myproject

This will create a sub folder myproject inside TEX Writer app folder. On Windows, a similar command is mklink.

This new folder is actually a symbolic link to the original folder. You can modify files in it, and the changes will be automatically uploaded to the original place as well. Be careful when you delete this folder on TEX Writer, the files in original place will be deleted too. So always delete the folder on your desktop computer. However, even if bad things happen, you can always recover these files on Dropbox website (Click Events on the left panel).

Discussion on Dropbox forum: Sharing of folders inside the Apps/ folder

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